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Vintage Print Fabric

About American Folk and FabricTM

Retail and wholesale fabric:
Specializing in upholstery fabric, decorator fabric and vintage fabric prints.

Our Creative Vision

Antique Reproduction Fabric Designer Ms. J.J. Jenkins had a vision: to create a fabric company whose high-quality reproduction antique fabric prints would become the vintage fabrics of tomorrow.
Drawing on her passion for antique fabric - and nearly 20 years experience in costuming, design and textiles - Ms. J.J. Jenkins began American Folk and FabricTM as a home-based business specializing in reproduction antique fabrics. The word spread swiftly. Wholesale fabric buyers quickly discovered that American Folk and FabricTM was a top source for premium, one-of-a-kind fabrics. As these fabric prints became prized by purist collectors, high-end designers, decorators and manufacturers, demand went through the roof.
Over the last two decades, American Folk and FabricTM has responded to this high demand by expanding into retail stores, a 20,000-square-foot warehouse facility and a thriving online store. Despite rapid growth, Ms. J.J. Jenkins has remained the driving creative force, maintaining the company's original vision of exceptional color, the finest engraving detail and quality, with an emphasis on service and integrity.
Now available exclusively online, American Folk and FabricTM designs are still produced with the same care and quality as Ms. J.J. Jenkins' original vintage fabric prints. Wholesale fabric buyers can rely on consistent, long-running prints that lend upholstery and home décor elegance and a timeless sophistication.
In Summer 2006, American Folk and FabricTM elected to meet high customer demand by offering reproduction antique and vintage fabric prints to retail consumers, as well as wholesale. Please visit our Retail and Wholesale pages for purchasing details.