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Antique Fabrics–Floral

Reproduction Antique Fabric Collection
American Folk and FabricTM specializes in floral antique fabrics in a variety of styles and colors. Our floral prints range from tiny, elegant flower designs to sweeping, feminine cabbage roses. You will find everything from antique fabric patterns reminiscent of English floral antique fabrics to Hawaiian, Island and tropical vintage fabric prints.
Floral prints are popular among designers for their versatility and timelessness. Whether you are creating a country-inspired setting or a Victorian-themed room, floral fabrics can add beauty, romance and grace. With so many colors, flower varieties and styles available, our prints often inspire design specialists to create elegant, sophisticated themes for their own projects.
All of our floral fabrics are handcrafted according to our strict quality principles. Every floral print in our showroom displays exceptionally fine engraving detail and rich coloration that speak to the care and craftsmanship our designers put into our designs.
Please browse our online Antique Fabric–Floral showroom to find antique fabric flower prints that inspire and complement your own creations.
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Amber Hill Stripe-Blue
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Angelina Stripe
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Ballad Bouquet
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Barnsley Bouquet
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Carlton Mews
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Chelsea Floral
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Colony Rose
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Country Ride (Sand)
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Court Floral