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Entertainment Industry Services
Two of the things that distinguish superior efforts in the dramatic arts are background and historical accuracy. In movies ranging from Chicago to The Untouchables to Cold Mountain, part of their commercial appeal was the feel and accuracy of the sets and the wardrobes. Prior to becoming a fabric designer Ms. JJ Jenkins worked in costuming and wardrobe for the entertainment industry. The marriage of those careers is a tremendous asset to those in the dramatic arts in quest of historical accuracy in background textiles (such as bedspreads, curtains, wall treatments, etc…) and wardrobe design.
At American Folk and FabricTM, we maintain an antique and vintage archive containing more than 1,000,000 designs in the form of antique paper goods, advertising images and fabric. We can work with you along the entire spectrum from the consultative process to the actual design and creation of the fabric that you need to project historical accuracy.
Should you require any consultation services, please direct all questions and enquiries of a design nature to our designer, Ms. J.J. Jenkins, jjj@americanfolkandfabric.com.
Please direct all questions and enquiries pertaining to custom printing of a sales nature to our vice president of sales and marketing, Mr. David Jackson, djackson@americanfolkandfabric.com.