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Our Creative Vision

About American Folk & Fabric

Ms. J. J. Jenkins Ms. J.J. Jenkins fell in love with antique fabric when most girls were still playing dress-up in their mothers' clothes. At 12 years old, she "adopted" an Italian couple - a seamstress and a tailor - whose vintage fabric-filled attic was more exciting than any fantasyland. During long afternoons of tea and ladyfingers, she listened to tales about the glories of Italy, and absorbed lessons in sewing, fabric and design.
When childhood delight turned into a lifelong appreciation and passion, J.J. elected to pursue a degree in fashion design. After studying first in the United States, she went to France to the American Academy of Fashion Design in Paris. She began her career back in the U.S. costuming and designing for various television and film studios.
For 15 years, Ms. J.J. Jenkins worked in the entertainment industry creating costumes and wardrobe dressing for soap operas, variety shows, Vegas showgirls, mini series, feature films and theatre productions. When a year-long union strike nearly brought the industry to a halt, J.J. realized it was time to set out on her own.
American Folk and FabricTM grew out of J.J.'s first retail shop, a specialty boutique featuring vintage clothing, antique fabric and vintage textiles. To satisfy the high demand for her antique prints, she began designing reproduction vintage fabrics of such superior quality that many experts resold them as originals.
14 years ago, Ms. J.J. Jenkins closed her retail store to focus exclusively on managing and designing for her wholesale business. Today, the fabric industry recognizes American Folk and FabricTM as a leading manufacturer of reproduction vintage fabrics, whose methods are often mimicked but never mastered.