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Toiles & French Inspired Antique Fabrics

Reproduction Antique Fabric Collection
To the decorating novice, Toile fabric is a word with misty French associations that hint at something classic, elegant and romantically old-fashioned. But fabric and design aficionados know that Toile is that, and so much more.
Toile de Jouy translated from French simply means "cloth from Jouy," a reference to the small town where Toile was first commercially produced (though it was actually an Irishman who designed and printed the first Toile fabric.) What Toile now means to decorators, interior designers and fabric collectors is French style, fine detailing, and a flattering combination of intricate design and simple color schemes.
In keeping with tradition, our Toile fabrics are usually printed on one color - typically white or cream - with a bolder color depicting leisurely country settings, scenes from nature, or tales of Roman gods and sea adventures. Our more contemporary Toile fabric designs often play against tradition with lively background colors in an array of vibrant yellows, greens and pinks.
Printed on the finest cotton and linen, our Toile fabrics are beloved by designers for their versatility as much as their timeless beauty. French Toile fabrics once appeared in elite homes on every surface of the room, including the upholstery, walls, lamps, bed linens and curtains. Today, designers generally select Toile fabrics to create an elegant focal point or eclectic contrast to other decorating elements.
Our French-inspired Toile fabrics are timeless, classic and sophisticated. Whether you want to cover every surface, or simply add a chic accent, we invite you to browse our online showroom of Toile & French Inspired Antique fabrics and embrace your joie de vivre!
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Colony Rose
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Country Ride (Sand)
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Estate Floral
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Juliet Floral
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Manor Rose
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Nottingham Rose
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Pavillion Floral
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Toile Francais